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No Man's Sky main art
Before No Man's Sky is released on the Xbox One, the folks over at Hello Games would like to show you how far they've come with the game The company released the trailer below along with Microsoft to show off 11 things that have changed since the game was launched. In a way, this is basically[...]
No Man's Sky Developer Says They'll Continue to Update the Game
In the most recent video for Inside Xbox, Hello Games founder Sean Murray decided to drop by the show and discuss the recent addition of No Man's Sky on the Xbox One A lot of things were addressed in the video about the way the game was ported over and how the issues from PC[...]
Xbox One Release Date for No Man's Sky Leaked
As is the case today with No Man's Sky, which has been slated to come out for the Xbox One for a while now, but we haven't heard anything about a release date… until today. Some keen-eyed people on Reddit caught this little nugget on the Italian Amazon website, which revealed it will be released on[...]
What A Shock: 'No Man's Sky' Needs Yet Another Fix
We previously talked about the new "Atlas Rises" addition and update that was added to No Man's Sky earlier this month, along with a patch that was required to fix the update from all of the issues Hello Games added without properly testing them out first Now, another patch is being sent out to fix[...]
'No Man's Sky' New Updates Needed A Patch After Two Days
In a totally unpredictable move that no one could have seen coming, the latest update to No Man's Sky started failing within 24 hours out of the gate and required a new patch to get it working This past Friday, Hello Games released a brand new 1.31 update to the game that brought multiplayer options[...]
The Next Update For 'No Man's Sky' Revealed On Reddit
The last time we heard anything from No Man's Sky was back in June when it appeared they were trolling their own fans with cassette tapes (Which according to the Reddit feed, was never finished.) Now Reddit has a new surprise for fans of the widely panned game: A message from creator Sean Murray about[...]
Are Hello Games Trolling 'No Man's Sky' Fans With Cassettes Now?
Much like the game No Man's Sky in general, we're not too sure what Hello Games is doing to its fans with a new mystery present After basically shutting down all way of communicating them, which is understandable since practically everyone who purchased the game wanted their heads for the lack of an ending to the[...]
No Man's Sky Wasn't Falsely Advertised Says ASA
The debate about how much of No Man's Sky pre-release advertising was above board has raged on since the game was released What was and wasn't in there has been the ire of a lot of gamers, who were disappointed in their purchase, even taking their complaints to advertising boards about possible action. The Advertising Standards[...]
New No Man's Sky Foundation Update Looks Genuinely Impressive
The Foundation Update for No Man's Sky was talked about the other day, but it seems we have a full reveal now. And I have to say I'm genuinely impressed This update brings a lot, including two new modes to play the game in, as well as the resources needed to gather elemenets, UI updates, and[...]
Geoff Keighley Hits No Man's Sky With Some Harsh Criticisms
No Man's Sky was first revealed to the world at VGX 2013 by host Geoff Keighley, in a trailer that really got people excited It is what paved the way for the game, and the start of the 'over hype' situation the game found itself in at release. Well, Keighley has now changed his tone a little, laying[...]
No Man's Sky Review – A Meeting Of Math, Art And Divisive Game Mechanics
No Man's Sky is one of the most complex pieces of art I've had to really think about critically, let alone deciding whether to give it a buying recomendation The reason for that is that the game will be something different to each person I don't mean thatas each player will be exploring almost exclusively[...]