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No Man's Sky Will Finally Come To The Nintendo Switch
Hello Games has partnered up with Bandai Namco to finally bring their game No Man's Sky over to the Nintendo Switch The game will be released on October 7th digitally through the eShop, as well as physical copies through retailers only There's not a ton of flash and flare here, you're basically getting what will[...]
Mass Effect's Normandy Ship Appears In No Man's Sky
If you wanna talk about ultimate tributes in video games, No Man's Sky just gave a big salute to Mass Effect In case you weren't already aware, Mass Effect Legendary Edition has been released to the world, bringing the first three games back to life with new graphics, audio, and other improvements for fans to[...]
No Man's Sky main art
Hello Games revealed this past week that they will be releasing another update for No Man's Sky with an intriguing name As revealed in a blog, which we have a good chunk of it for you to read below, the next update coming to the game is being called Origins But what exactly that will[...]
No Man's Sky Mech
In case you thought getting around planets in every other vehicle in No Man's Sky was boring, now you have the ability to do so inside a giant mech Hello Games introduced a brand new patch this week in which they added the ability to roam around in a new device they call The Minotaur[...]
No Man's Sky main art
The next update to No Man's Sky will give you a little more control over what you hear, as you can create music with a new item called the ByteBeat Device Hello Games have basically given you a chance to be in control of the game's soundtrack to a degree as they've allowed you to[...]
"No Man's Sky Beyond" Will Be Released In Mid-August
Hello Games may have just released No Man's Sky: Beyond, but it didn't come without its fair share of issues, and a brand new patch this week We have some of the major fixes included in the new 2.09.1 below, but you can read the full list on their website if you wish to know[...]
"No Man's Sky Beyond" Will Be Released In Mid-August
This past week, Hello Games finally announced when they would release No Man's Sky: Beyond, and the date is a lot closer than you think The VR version of the game will officially be released on August 14th Along with the announcement they made players aware of the changes to come, specifically around the VR[...]
No Man’s Sky Beyond - VR Reveal l PSVR
If you're curious what might be going into No Man's Sky: Beyond, PlayStation may have given you a good glimpse into it today During their "State of Play" stream, we got a look at the game through the eyes of PSVR If what they're showing here is what the game will end up being when[...]
Hello Games Teases Next Update to No Man's Sky Called "Beyond"
Earlier today, Hello Games' founder Sean Murray took to social media to promote the next update coming to No Man's Sky called "Beyond" Aside from the name, not much was really given away beyond a bright red and black logo and the news that it will be added to the game sometime in the Summer[...]
Hello Games Will Soon Add a "Vision" Update to No Man's Sky
No sooner than had No Man's Sky received a new update allowing for underwater exploration than a new one has appeared from Hello Games The developers released info about the new "Vision" update on their blog this week, showing off new landscapes, creatures, and other things that look just a tad off enough to make[...]
No Man's Sky Releases New Underwater Update with "The Abyss"
Hello Games have just released a new update into No Man's Sky that will take you to another unexplored realm as you go underwater This is actually a pretty cool concept that we're shocked they didn't try to incorporate while originally making the game, but now that it's here you have a lot more options[...]
No Man's Sky
Hello Games announced that it's releasing free No Man's Sky cotent next week focused on the more spooky. No Man's Sky's seen great resurgence of late thanks to its big free Next update earlier this summer Public opinion on the title's improved compared to launch and the game has a bright future ahead of itself[...]
Hello Games Fixes a Ton Of Stuff in Latest No Man's Sky Patch
This week, Hello Games dropped a brand new update patch into No Man's Sky that added a bunch of new gear and options into the game We have the full details below, but aside from a major overall in bug fixing, they added some new ways to get around in Exocraft buggies called the Pilgrim, there[...]
No Man's Sky main art
credit//Hello GamesNo M No Man's Sky was an incredibly ambitious project when it was first revealed, and much of the early conversations about the game now ring with a bombastic tune After all, the game we were promised was very far from the game we received, though that hasn't stopped people from playing it. Speaking with IGN in[...]
Check Out the Latest Video Game Releases for July 24-30, 2018
Check out the entire list, choose your games wisely, and as always; have fun! credit//Capcom July 24th Aces of the Luftwaffe – Squadron (XB1) Flashback (Switch) Mega Man X Legacy Collection 1 + 2 (PC, PS4, Switch, XB1) No Man's Sky (XB1) Semblance (Switch) The Banner Saga 3 (PC, PS4, Switch, XB1) Toby: The Secret Mine (Switch) July 25th Candle: The Power of the Flame (XB1) 2064:[...]