No Man's Sky Can Be Beaten In Around 30 Hours

No man's skyMany people have an idea of what No Man's Sky is and what they hope it will be, but now that a copy of the game is out there with a user on reddit reporting back, we are getting a better understanding of what the game actually is.

For example, while No Man's Sky is a game set in a massive universe, it should only take you 30 hours to complete. According to reddit user daymeeuhn, thanks to a powerful resource you eventually get hold of, you can jump around very quickly, meaning that you can reach the center, your overarching goal, before too, too long.

He also added that this was after doing a lot of side stuff too, and not just racing to the center.

It is interesting, and honestly, I like this. A game that took 100s of hours to get to the middle is not something most people would have the stomach for, and I imagine you can dunk more hours into afterwards.