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[Updated] Games Journalist Gets Threats For Reporting News

No man's sky

Hoo, boy. People have been on edge on the internet of late. We've been hearing of threats made to Captain America writer Nick Spencer for changing a beloved character that's been with us for decades, which is crazy enough, but I have a whole other level for you here though.

News started spreading over the last day or so that No Man's Sky is on the verge of getting a delay of a month or two, which is obviously frustrating to some fans.

That's a huge understatement for a small portion of the game's community though. The target of that frustration has seemingly become Kotaku's Jason Schreier who broke the news of the delay. Despite Schreier's excellent track record with breaks, it would seem some are very mad at him, with them believing he completely made the story up. He has shared this message he received which came after breaking the news, showing someone who's pretty clearly…mad? We will say mad.

That isn't the only assault he's gotten either as it seems more in the No Man's Sky reddit are equally enraged about Schreier writing the news story. Click this Imgur image to see examples of that.

Thankfully, as you can see from the responses on the game's subreddit, many are wondering what happened to the positivity in the community and why some are taking it so far. Good to see cooler heads prevailing.

Still, this whole situation is pretty bizarre, especially when you consider's Schreier's track record when it comes to breaking big news stories. Hopefully we can just stop threatening people on the internet, especially for people who are just doing their jobs.

[Update: As if to add a bow onto this story, the delay for No Man's Sky has now been confirmed.]

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