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Editor-In-Chief Mike Marts Leaves AfterShock Comics, For Something New
Titles published by AfterShock Comics include 06 Protocol, Alters, Animosity, Artemis and the Assassin, Babyteeth, Bad Reception, Black-Eyed Kids, Bunny Mask, Bylines in Blood, Chicken Devil, Dark Ark, Dark Red, Jimmy's Little Bastards, Kaiju Score, Lion and the Eagle, Miles To Go, Ocean Will Take Us, Red Atlantis, Rough Riders, Shoplifters Will Be Liquidated, Superzero,[...]
The Ocean Will Take Us
A new series, The Ocean Will Take Us, drawn by Carlos Olivares He writes in his newsletter; Rich Douek & Carlos Olivares' The Ocean Will Take Us in April 2022 I'm happy to announce my next creator-owned series, THE OCEAN WILL TAKE US, coming out this April with Aftershock Comics! THE OCEAN WILL TAKE US is everything[...]