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Big Potato Has Released The Office Space Tabletop Game

Big Potato Has Released The Office Space Tabletop Game

For those of you who love the Mike Judge cult classic Office Space, good news! There's now a tabletop game of it for you to buy As you might suspect, the game is based around the 1999 film of the same name, in which you and other office workers will attempt to do certain tasks[...]

ThinkGeek Assures Us at SDCC That They are Here to Stay

ThinkGeek Assures Us at SDCC That They are Here to Stay

TMNT, Ghostbusters, Dark Crystal, Farscape, even Plan 9 From Outer Space!Other exclusives include a Beast Kingdom Phoenix figure, a Mego Star Trek Spock figure with swappable Mirror Universe Spock parts, and multiple Funko ThinkGeek exclusives, including the Office Space poster guy.Check a couple of these out below, and if you are at the show, make[...]

Every Funko SDCC 2019 Exclusive in One Place

Every Funko SDCC 2019 Exclusive in One Place

Pufnstuf (Funko Shop)Pop! Television: Sigmund and the Sea Monsters - Sigmund (Funko Shop)Pop! Television: Stranger Things - Demogorgon (Gold) (Barnes & Noble)Pop! Television: Ultraman (Toy Tokyo)Pop! Television: The Dark Crystal- MiraPOP! Marvel Avengers: Endgame Wong- WalgreensFunko POP Marvel- Gamora- Hot TopicFunko POP Marvel- Man-Thing- Entertainment EarthFunko POP MArvel- Captain Marvel Minn-Erva- GameStop[gallery columns="2" size="large" ids="1048560,1048561,1048562,1048563,1048564"]Pop![...]

Funko SDCC 2019 Exclusives Round 2: Movies Harry Potter Anime Big Bang Rick and Morty and More

Funko SDCC 2019 Exclusives Round 2: Movies, Harry Potter, Anime, Big Bang, Rick and Morty, and More!

the World - Vegan Police (Funko Shop)Pop! Movies – Office Space (Think Geek)Pop! Movies—Starship Troopers Johnny Rico (GameStop)Pop! Movies—Zoolander : Merman Derek(Target)Pop! Movies—Forrest Gump: Running Forrest (BoxLunch)Pop! Movies—Jaws 6 Inch Eating Quint (Entertainment Earth)All of these are pretty great! Funko nailed it with that Jaws Pop, and I am really digging that Forrest Gump! The[...]

All of Funkos ECCC 2019 Exclusives in One Place

All of Funko's ECCC 2019 Exclusives in One Place

The World – Ramona with Mallet (Funko Shop)[gallery columns="2" size="large" ids="993907,993896,993909,993898"]Pop! Movies: The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou – Steve Zissou (Funko Shop) Pop! Movies: The Lord of the Rings – Grishnákh (Barnes & Noble) Vynl.: The Wizard of Oz – Tin Man + The Cowardly Lion (Barnes and Noble) Pop! Movies: Office Space – Michael Bolton & Samir (Target)[gallery columns="2" size="large" ids="993895,993885,993908"]Pop! Disney: The Lion King - Shenzi/Banzai/Ed[...]

BC Toy Spotting: WWE Funko DC Multiverse Captain Marvel Transformers and More

BC Toy Spotting: WWE, Funko, DC Multiverse, Captain Marvel, Transformers, and More!

We also found the Walmart exclusive Elite Bob Backlund! We haven't found them yet, but Targets are also getting NXT Series 4, featuring Aleister Black, Drew McIntyre, Ruby Riott, and Killian Dain.[gallery columns="2" size="large" ids="992900,992899,992886,992885,992884,992883,992882,992881,992880,992879,992878,992877,992876,992875,992860,992848,992849"]Funko product for this week include the new 5 Star Kingdom Hearts 3 figures, the full wave of Shazam! Pops, the[...]

Funko Round-Up: London Toy Fair Reveals

Funko Round-Up: London Toy Fair Reveals!

Even a Toy Story Vyn two pack of Woody and Buzz is coming soon.[gallery columns="2" size="large" ids="975211,975210,975217,975219,975199,975214"]On the movie and TV side of things, new Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Office Space, first Pops for the classic show Bewitched, and director J.J Abrams are coming soon.[gallery columns="2" size="large" ids="975205,975206,975207,975208"]To help celebrate the final season[...]