Big Potato Has Released The Office Space Tabletop Game

For those of you who love the Mike Judge cult classic Office Space, good news! There's now a tabletop game of it for you to buy. As you might suspect, the game is based around the 1999 film of the same name, in which you and other office workers will attempt to do certain tasks throughout the day unbeknownst to your bosses. You'll also be attempting to swipe the stapler from the desk of one of your co-workers, but the thing makes noise so you can and will get caught. The game is currently on sale for $20 at Target, and just in case you're working from home, the creators made an at-home version for you to play in this PDF.

Excuse me, have you seen my stapler in The Office Space Game? Courtesy of Big Potato.
Excuse me, have you seen my stapler in The Office Space Game? Courtesy of Big Potato.

When your boss isn't looking, deal out five secret Mission Cards and one Swingline Stapler Card to each player. Then, give the person who has been at the office the longest the coveted red Swingline stapler. You have until the end of the workday to complete three of your missions, which involve tricking your co-workers without them getting suspicious (e.g. "Tell a player that you've lost your phone and get them to call it"). If you get caught trying to trick someone, you lose that card and fail the mission. Everyone's Swingline Stapler Card mission is the same: try to steal Milton's stapler from your coworker without them noticing. This mission is much easier said than done once you realize the stapler is squeaky! The first player to successfully sneak around and complete three missions, wins and takes the rest of the day off as a reward. Fans of the movie will certainly enjoy the references and inside jokes weaved throughout the game, from the secret missions to Milton's infamous red stapler and the included flair sticker sheet.

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