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Focus Home Interactive has released a new update for Othercide this week, giving players a brand new mode to play It's rather interesting that ever since the game was released we haven't heard a ton about it or what's been going on with it since The lead-up to it was impressive as the company marketed[...]
Black Screen Records Reveals Othercide & Risk Of Rain 2 Vinyls
Black Screen Records revealed two new vinyl video game soundtrack releases this week with Othercide and Risk Of Rain 2 Both of these are presented in awesome 180g vinyl as you're getting the complete soundtrack for both Othercide is going for €30 to be released in September, while Risk Of Rain 2 with extra records[...]
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Focus Home Interactive and Lightbulb Crew have released a new gameplay overview trailer for Othercide, showing off new parts to the game The horror-inspired tactical RPG has been getting a lot of attention recently, primarily because the look of the game has got people wondering what you'll be in store for Now we have a little bit[...]
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Focus Home Interactive revealed today that Othercide will be released on July 28th, 2020 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One The Nintendo Switch version, however, won't be out for a while longer as it will drop sometime later in the summer This new tactical turn-based RPG has been on our minds for a while, as[...]
Focus Home Interactive Reveals Their PAX East 2020 Lineup
The four big games they're bringing with them this weekend are Hardspace: Shipbreaker, Othercide, Curse of the Dead Gods, and Insurgency: Sandstorm All of which will be playable for all those who can get in line to try them out We got more info on all four and links to their trailers for you below[...]
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Focus Home Interactive and Lightbulb Crew revealed their latest gothic tactical RPG called Othercide, coming to PC, Xbox One and PS4 The game will mix dramatic actions and choices with a specific turn system You can check it out at Focus Home's booth at PAX East this week But for now, we have pics and[...]
Lightbulb Crew Unveils a New Gameplay Trailer for Otherside
credit// Lightbulb Crew Parisian dev studio Lightbulb Crew has revealed a new gameplay trailer for their upcoming turn-based tactical horror game Othercide. Othercide is set in a corrupted dimension "beyond our reality" where players take control of the light-gifted warriors known as the Daughters The Daughters fight against nightmare creatures in order to save humanity, because of[...]