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Squid Game, Attack on Titan Win Big: 2021 Global TV Demand Awards
When the dust settled on 2021, there could be… only one! Well, according to global audience demand analytics firm Parrot Analytics? There were actually two winners, at least when it comes to the 4th annual Global TV Demand Awards When it comes to the world's most in-demand TV show of last year, the top honor goes[...]
Cobra Kai, Attack on Titan Rule US/UK/Global Top 20 Shows (Jan 2021)
got our eyebrows arched with WWE Monday Night RAW, Peppa Pig, and PAW Patrol– while globally, The Walking Dead continues cementing its spot as one of the world's top franchises as Disney+'s WandaVision hits the charts impressively hard. Cobra Kai, Attack on Titan Rule US/UK/Global Top 20 TV Shows (Jan 2021)- Images: Netflix/Adult Swim So thanks to[...]
A scene from Looney Tunes Cartoons, courtesy of HBO Max.
In another classic case of "Good News/We're-Not-Sure-What-It-Means News," we're getting some early intel from Parrot Analytics on what the biggest eyeball-grabbers have been for WarnerMedia's now one-week-old streaming service HBO Max Using social media, fan ratings, and rates of online (shall we say) "access", the organization gauges (and in this case, ranks) the popularity of[...]