Pinball Arcade

Bally and Williams Tables Being Pulled from Pinball Arcade Library

A bit of sad news from Pinball Arcade: the developers are being forced to remove over 60 titles from their library after WMS Industries, who currently hold the trademarks to both the Bally and Williams pinball games, informed them they would not allow the video game to use their titles any longer The news came down[...]

Arcade Chaser: Kickback Pinball Cafe

The two level pinball arcade is beautifully laid out The first floor looks like a pinball payfield, and the cafe tables are bumpers The walls are adorned with retro sci-fi art, combined with exposed brick Kickback is arguably one of the most beautiful arcades I've ever stepped foot into There's real passion and love for[...]

Live(ish) From The Games Shop – Wayward Manor, Pinball Arcade Season 3, Abyss Odyssey, Magic 2015

Winterbottom that was a critical success on Xbox Live back in 2010.  With the resume of Chuck BB, The Odd Gentlemen, along with a story by Gaiman, the pedigree on this title is astounding.  Wayward Manor released Tuesday on Steam.If last week’s Supercombo Man left you hungry for more 2D fighting, the guys at ACE Team have got you covered with Abyss Odyssey.  The 2D platformer features procedurally generated levels[...]