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SDCC '15: Omnibus Program Promoted By Dark Horse Manga, With Soft Announcement
There hasn't been a public release, so the street date was not known yet. Wright shared his excitement regarding Planetes, the space-oriented series that he is editing Originally published by Tokyopop, this series will be released in two huge volumes The first volume will drop this December and the second volume is scheduled to drop in April[...]
Planetes Will Be Returning To BookShelves Thanks To Dark Horse
Dark Horse is happy to announce that two-time recipient of the Seiun Award, Japan's highest honor for science fiction, Planetes, will be returning to bookshelves for the first time since 2005 Created by Makoto Yukimura, Planetes follows the space-garbage crew of aspiring explorer Hachimaki, mourning Yuri, and secretive Fee It takes place during the 2070s,[...]