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Star Trek Prodigy Figures Debut From Playmates
Star Trek fans will have a ton of new Playmates Toys figures to collect in the next year The company is going whole hog in to space, and that includes these new reveals from Star Trek: Prodigy Five figures can be found from the new line in the image below, all pretty damn accurate to[...]
Godzilla Vs Kong Playmates Figures Are Big Dumb Fun
And since these are Battle Roar figures with sound, check out a demo of them yelling down below. can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Godzilla Vs Kong Playmates Toys Demo ( So you press the button, the mouth moves, and some sounds come out[...]
New Billie Eilsh Figures Are Hitting Target Stores From Playmates Now
Billie Eilish is one of the biggest stars in music, and Playmates Toys jumped at the chance to partner with the singer for her toy line The first two releases were a big success at Target, where they are exclusives, and there is a new wave that is hitting stores right now that is proving[...]
Billie Eilish Playmates Doll & Figure Released This Weekend At Target
Playmates Toys released two new collectibles of the singer this weekend, paying tribute to two of the most iconic looks from her music videos First, a doll from her "Bad Guy" video and standing 10.5 inches tall, and the second an action figure from the "All Good Girls Go To Hell" video that stands six[...]