Billie Eilish Playmates Doll & Figure Released This Weekend At Target

Billie Eilish fans have two new items to collect from Target. Playmates Toys released two new collectibles of the singer this weekend, paying tribute to two of the most iconic looks from her music videos. First, a doll from her "Bad Guy" video and standing 10.5 inches tall, and the second an action figure from the "All Good Girls Go To Hell" video that stands six inches tall. All collectors can get their Billie Eilish fix that way. Playmates Toys was kind enough to send us over each collectible, so let's take a look at them and see if you should rush over to Target to snag one for yourself.

Billie Eilish Fans Should Be Thrilled With These

First off, I want to take a second to commend Playmates on the packaging here. The whole thing is made of recyclable cardboard, and while they also fold into a cool diorama piece for the Billie Eilish pieces, if you want to discard them, you don't have to toss them in the garbage.  It probably cost them a ton, but I wish more companies would do this. As said, these fold into cool backdrops for the doll and figure, as you will see below.

I was really impressed with the doll. The yellow outfit is so striking, and the fabric used is very flexible, which is great because this version of Billie Eilish is no Barbie. She has multiple points of articulation that most dolls lack and leads to some real dynamic posing. The face is pretty good, the eyes come off a little wonky, but they are supposed to. The hair is going to frizz the second you take the hood off, but it's easy to take care of and get back in there. I really like that she can stick her hands into the hoodie pocket, another bonus that comes with the added articulation. This is a really well-made doll, and fans should gobble this one up.

The figure is not really grabbing me, however. Not that it is not well made, it very much is. The wings are ridiculous, the amount of posing you can do with them while keeping the figure upright is impressive, and they are easy to remove and put back on if you want to take them off. The look from the video just doesn't really translate well to me. There is so much shiny black going on in the paint aps that it makes nothing really stand out on Billie Eilish herself; it's just the wings that impress. Understandably so, but I wonder what more figures that change up the colors a bit might look like.

If I was buying these and I was a Billie Eilish fan, I would be all over the doll. It feels way more iconic than the figure, and at $29.99 for that doll, it is a great price for what you are getting. I am sure a bigger fan would love the figure as well; it just wasn't for me. These are in Target stores now or can be ordered online right here.

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