New Billie Eilish Figures Are Hitting Target Stores From Playmates Now

Billie Eilish is one of the biggest stars in music, and Playmates Toys jumped at the chance to partner with the singer for her toy line. The first two releases were a big success at Target, where they are exclusives, and there is a new wave that is hitting stores right now that is proving to be even more popular than the first. Twelve-inch dolls and figures from some of her most iconic performances and videos make up the line; Playmates was nice enough to send over the new wave for us to take a look at, so let's see what Billie Eilish fans are in for.

New Billie Eilsh Figures Are Hitting Target Stores From Playmates Now
Eilish Target Figures

Billie Eilish Fans Should Be More Than Happy

First off, I want to take a second to commend Playmates on the packaging here. The whole thing is made of recyclable cardboard, and while they also fold into a cool diorama piece for the Billie Eilish pieces, if you want to discard them, you don't have to toss them in the garbage.  It probably cost them a ton, but I wish more companies would do this. As said, these fold into cool backdrops for the doll and figure, as you will see below.

First up is the action figure from the "When The Party's Over" video. This one is much better than the first figure, that one was much too dark, and the blacks washed out the details. Not so much here, and this one even features an improved face sculpt. You can even set up a little table and chair for her to sit in. The glass fits perfectly in Billie Eilish's hand, and she stands and poses really well. If you a fan of this video, this is for sure worth your money.

The doll is where it is at, though. The green outfit is so striking, and the fabric used is very flexible, which is great because this version of Billie Eilish is no Barbie. She has multiple points of articulation that most dolls lack and leads to some real dynamic posing. The face is pretty good, the eyes come off a little wonky, but they are supposed to. The hair is going to frizz the second you take it out of the package, but it's easy to take care of and get back in place. You can achieve so many dynamic poses here; I cannot stress that enough, another bonus that comes with the added articulation. This is a really well-made doll, and fans should gobble this one up.

At $24.99 and $29.99 a piece, these are very affordable collectibles with so much value to them that a fan would be crazy to pass on them. You can find them in Target stores now or order online right here.

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