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Call Of Duty: Warzone Is Reverting Drops Back To Normal
The folks at Raven Software are making a change to Call Of Duty: Warzone as they are gearing up for the Season Two launch Among the many updates and additions we're sure to see in the days to come, one immediate change has hit the game that will make some happy and probably a lot[...]
Activision Responds To The Current Strike At Raven Software
While the Activision Blizzard acquisition dominated the headlines this past week, one of their studios, Raven Software, made news of their own As we previously reported, the company's staff have not been happy with how their parent company has been running things as of late, which along with all of the sexual misconduct allegations and[...]
Activision Responds To The Current Strike At Raven Software
Ever since multiple employees were laid off from Raven Software, the company has been on strike against parent company Activision as a response The company has been dealing with a lot of issues pertaining to their workforce over the past calendar year, as they've been raked over the coals for their treatment towards the staff[...]