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Real Fake History – Starcraft 2: Eugene Vs. Jay
Real Fake History and their narrator Phil Morris take on Starcraft 2. Starcraft has been known to consume peoples lives Well, this was the case for two of the greatest Starcraft players on the world…and roommates.  Determined to take each other down at all costs, their Terran and Zerg armies are in for the surprise of[...]
Avengers: The Battle Of New York As Done By Real Fake History
The latest video from Real Fake History takes us back to that fateful day in 2010 when the sky opened up and rained down Chitauri warriors upon the city of New York, and only a group of colorfully clad heroes could band together and save us Oh wait, that was the movie the Avengers… Narrated by[...]
Starship Troopers Gets The Real Fake History Treatment
Macinima's webseries Real Fake History has turned their sites on the sci-fi classic Starship Troopers and the Disaster on Klendathu In this documentary style spoof, they take a look at the lack of training and distraction of co-ed showers as the cause of the massacre… and why didn't they use the jets? The series is[...]
Real Fake History Looks At Mike Tyson's Punch Out
The latest Real Fake History focuses on the video game Mike Tyson's Punch Out and the rise of Little Mac Having played the game in the arcade when it came out, I found the jokes here pretty much spot on… why was he so much smaller than his opponents? The Machinima webseries continues to put[...]
Real Fake History – The Battle For Castle Black
Machinima's webseries, Real Fake History, takes a look at The Battle For Castle Black They also talk to one of the surviving giants who participated in the attack This look at the pivotal moment in Game Of Thrones is narrated by Phil Morris. [youtube][/youtube]   Machinima's webseries, Real Fake History, takes a look at The Battle For[...]
Real Fake History Looks At Beatrix Kiddo Vs. The Crazy 88s
How did Beatrix Kiddo wipe out the Crazy 88s with such ease? What was the impact of her butt-whipping on the previously feared martial artists? Machinima's Real Fake History answered these questions and others as the esteemed documentarians examine the impact of one of the most shocking and one-sided demolitions in pop culture history through[...]
Phil Morris On Seinfeld, Smallville, Mission Impossible And New Webseries
And that is just the tip of the iceberg that is his career. Morris is the narrator for a new webseries from Machinima called Real Fake History It's a faux documentary of some of the greatest battles in pop culture history The first episode, shown below, features The Battle For Endor. I contained myself with the following[...]