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Nilah Magruder Sells Ase
has auctioned her upcoming graphic novel Reel Love, acquired by Polo Orozco at Random House, competing with bids from six other publishers Reel Love is based on the author's own experiences embracing being asexual and this middle grade graphic novel follows 12-year-old Nilah, who goes on a summer trip to the Blue Ridge Mountains where[...]
Orbiting Around Grayson, Spread, Daredevil, Spider-Man 2099, Reel Love, And Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes
[audio:] Welcome to Episode 159 of The Orbiting Pod! This week, we go further down the spiral with Grayson #1, fight off infection with Spread #1, bury the truth with Daredevil #5, swing back with Spider-man 2099 #1, fall for the silver screen with Reel Love #1, and much more. Keeping with the movie mumblings, Robin give's his[...]
Owen Johnson Falls In Reel Love, Debuting At Glasgow Comic Con
Owen Johnson knows that too, and that's where Reel Love comes in. Johnson's having a great year As part of the GHOSTS collective he's exhibited in London and Raygun Roads, his last title, is held as a high watermark of what the UK indie scene is capable of Reel Love is his first work as writer[...]