Renato Rei

Ian Parker And The Exotic Locals Of Cage Hero

Corinna Bechko, writer of Aliens/Vampirella #6, talks with co-plotter/co-creator Ian Parker about Cage Hero #4, both on sale now from Dynamite. Attached cover and interiors by Renato Rei.CORINNA BECHKO: Cage Hero has a truly globe-trotting feel When choosing exotic locations for story events, do you pick places you’ve been or do you tend to aim for[...]

"The High School Age Can Be Very Tricky" – Ian Parker On Cage Hero #2

Cover art by Renato Rei.CORINNA BECHKO: Most of the new characters we are introduced to in issue #2 are young, just on the cusp of adulthood Do you feel this is an important aspect of a story about discovering hidden potential inside oneself? IAN PARKER: I do The high school age can be extremely tricky. [...]

A Look At The Art Of Renato Rei On Cage Hero

We have a look at some of the interior pages from Cage Hero #1 with art by Renato Rei The series is being written by Ian Parker, Kevin Eastman and Rik Hoskin. From the minds of Kevin Eastman (co-creator of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles), Ian Parker (MMA expert and former UFC Manager), and Mark Mastrandrea (MMA personality), comes[...]

Renato Rei's Character Designs For Cage Hero

The art for the series is being done by Renato Rei and we have a look at his original character designs First up is Ryder Stone, a wrestler Then there is Janee Sky a Muy Thai fighter Followed by a Brazilian Ju-Jitsu fighter named Marco Silva and finally a Karate "ace" named Nemoto Koneko.For more[...]