You Can Own Original Cover Art to Spirit Hunters #3 by Renato Rei

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Zenescope Entertainment has a dedicated base of collectors who collect their many exclusive variant covers as well as original art. The company is known for putting out convention-themed covers to all of their titles, featuring characters in cosplay or at specific locations themed to the state in which Zenescope is exhibiting. These have become highly collectible in online auctions after the shows and many of their mainstay artists, such as Nei RuffinoLarry Watts, and EBas, have become highly sought out for their original art pieces. Now, one of Zenescope's long-running series, Spirit Hunters, can be showcased in a dedicated fan's artwork collection. Artist Renato Rei, who has been producing cover artwork for the Pennsylvania-based company for many years, illustrated one of the first-ever covers showcasing the entire Spirit Hunters team. This 12-issue series focused on a group of paranormal investigators operating inside of Zenescope's Grimm Universe. Published beginning in 2016, Spirit Hunters was written Writer's Room style, with the room led by Joe Brusha and Ralph Tedesco, the company's founders. The series was one of Zenescope's longest-running limited series, lasting a total of twelve issues. Now, a piece of this series' creepy history is up for bid at Heritage Auctions.

Spirit Hunters #3 Cover D by Renato Rei. Credit: Heritage Auctions
Spirit Hunters #3 Cover D by Renato Rei. Credit: Heritage Auctions

Renato Rei Spirit Hunters #3 Variant Cover-D Original Art (Zenoscope Entertainment, 2017).

A striking team cover created in ink over graphite on bright white Bristol board with an image area of 10.5" x 15.75". Signed in the image area. In Excellent condition.

This specific issue, Spirit Hunters #3, was written by Pat Shand and drawn by Julius Abrera, who went on to become one of the main artists on Grimm Fairy Tales, one of Zenescope's flagship titles. This issue of Spirit Hunters was a ghost story with a mob twist, as the team pictured on the cover investigating a series of deaths by spontaneous combustion. You can bid for the original art for this spooky team cover to Spirit Hunters #3 over at Heritage Auctions now.

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