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Recently, Paramount greenlighted an audio drama that allows fans to see what Khan, his wife, former Starfleet officer Marla McGivers, and his crew did to survive their harsh conditions, and Meyers provided an update on the audio drama that was announced in Star Trek Day 2022 called Star Trek: Khan: Ceti Alpha V. Ricardo Montalban as[...]
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Kirk's (William Shatner) greatest adversary in the genetically-enhanced Khan Noonien-Singh (Ricardo Montalban) and the 1982 film On Star Trek Day, that dream will finally become a reality as Meyer announced the TWOK prequel project called Star Trek: Khan Ceti Alpha V Here's a look at what he had to share: Paramount Somebody recommended a general to Napoleon[...]
Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Showrunner Coy on Khan Involvement
Kirk (William Shatner) returning to confront the genetically-enhanced Khan Noonien Singh (Ricardo Montalban), who seeks revenge after being marooned on a desolate planet on Ceti Alpha V He also blames Kirk for the death of his wife, Marla McGivers (Madlyn Rhue), who was also banished for trying to help Khan during the events of "Space[...]
Star Trek: Nicholas Meyer on Clash over Spock’s Wrath of Khan Death
Ricardo Montalban in Star Trek: The Original Series Images courtesy of Marni Grossman / Paramount+ & Paramount The biggest theme is the willingness of the main character Capt Kirk (William Shatner) accepting the possibility of the no-win scenario and how success can come at great sacrifice from Spock (Leonard Nimoy) While the ending showed the Enterprise[...]
Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Featurette Addresses Khan-La’an Link
La'an's infamous last name makes her related to the 20th century tyrant and one of Star Trek's greatest villains in Khan Noonien-Singh, played by Ricardo Montalban in The Original Series and the 1982 feature The Wrath of Khan Benedict Cumberbatch played the Kelvin Universe incarnation in 2013's Star Trek Into Darkness The featurette breaks down[...]
'My Dinner With Hervé': Andy García As Ricardo Montalbán In HBO Movie
With production currently underway, HBO Films has announced that Andy Garcia (Internal Affairs) has been cast as actor Ricardo Montalban opposite Peter Dinklage's Herve' Villechaize and and Jamie Dornan's Danny Tate in My Dinner With Hervé Garcia will also be joining fellow cast members Mireille Enos (The Killing) as Villechaize's longtime girlfriend Kathy Self; Oona Chaplin[...]
A Look Back At The Not-So Wondrous 1974 Wonder Woman TV Pilot
In short, movie villain Abner Smith, played by Ricardo Montalban, has stolen codebooks containing classified info on U.S government agents Diana sets out to retrieve said books and defeat Smith Oh sure, it "sounds" reasonable, but screenwriter John D F Black also thought that having Wonder Woman use a bowl of milk to defeat a[...]