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Star Trek: Khan Ceti Alpha V: Nicholas Meyer Announces Podcast Prequel

Nicholas Meyer has had a long, fruitful relationship with the Star Trek franchise becoming part of its greatest cinematic triumphs, most notably directing 1982's The Wrath of Khan, the second film to feature The Original Series cast. The film is largely regarded as the greatest in franchise history, but it wasn't that long ago, amidst the renaissance on Paramount+, that executive producer Alex Kurtzman came to Meyer with an idea to bridge that gap between TOS season one episode "Space Seed" that debuted James T. Kirk's (William Shatner) greatest adversary in the genetically-enhanced Khan Noonien-Singh (Ricardo Montalban) and the 1982 film. On Star Trek Day, that dream will finally become a reality as Meyer announced the TWOK prequel project called Star Trek: Khan Ceti Alpha V. Here's a look at what he had to share:

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Somebody recommended a general to Napoleon and said "This guy is a very good general" and Napoleon said, "I know he's good, but is he lucky." Star Trek and I have been lucky together: Lucky through STII, lucky through STIV, and lucky for STVI. Some years ago, Alex Kurtzman, whom I believe you know, made an interesting suggestion to me. He said, "I wonder what happened during those 15 years that Khan was marooned, exiled, or transplanted, take your pick to Ceti Alpha V, which was at the time, a flourishing planet." I thought that was a really cool idea and I wound up writing three one-hour episodes for a Star Trek television show that for reasons beyond Alex's or my control, hasn't been made until now. But it's now, so we're doing it as a podcast. It will start life as a podcast. I will take those scripts, adapt them, expand them, and as with all writing, get a chance to make them better. So I hope you'll all tune in for them and thank you for being so kind to me and Star Trek.

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Ricardo Montalbán in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. Image courtesy of Paramount Pictures

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