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Dashcam is a Horribly Hilarious Cinematic Endurance Test
Dashcam takes advantage of its low budget and the credibility Rob Savage earned from his breakout lockdown horror movie Host to push the boundaries of chaos in his second horror feature This willingness to alienate his audience shows his commitment to being a horror filmmaker Watching all this herky-jerky camerawork on a big screen in[...]
"Ghostwatch", BBC
Even Host, the current hit Shudder horror movie shot on zoom during lockdown shows that its director Rob Savage might have been strongly influenced by Ghostwatch The British have always had a particularly paradoxical relationship with ghost stories and the supernatural They purport to be rational and skeptical, but many of them still harbour that[...]
Host: Shudder Sets Friday Live Watch with Director and Cast
It's gotten justifiably rave reviews, a British horror movie shot in lockdown with a director, cast and crew all working from their own locations in isolation. "Host" poster, Shudder To keep the momentum going, Shudder, which funded the movie, announced that director Rob Savage and the cast will be in a live watch of the film on[...]
Host: Horror Movie Shot on Zoom in Lockdown Captures Our Current Mood
Writer-director Rob Savage cleverly uses the unsteady point of view of a computer or phone camera to play up the lurking suspense of navigating a dark corridor, waiting for something to jump out at you You do wonder why the hell someone is being so awkward as to take their whole laptop with them into[...]