Robin Rises

The New Robin Comes With A Little&#8230 Extra

The New Robin Comes With A Little… Extra

Featuring what appeared to be a returing Damian Wayne, doing a Superman pose and appearing to repel bullets.Well, in today's Robin Rises: Alpha, as seen in the last issue of Batman And Robin, Bruce Wayne, against impossible odds manages to retrieve and revive the body of Damian Wayne But in the process got something extra[...]

Robin Rises And Cable Toy Take Previews Cover For October 2014

Robin Rises And Cable Toy Take Previews Cover For October 2014

When was the last time a toy took the front or back cover of Diamond's Previews cover? A reprise of Rob Liefeld's classic cover to New Mutants #87 for Diamond Select Toys takes the back of Diamond's new collection of comics et al coming out in December. Diamond's selected "Gem" titles for the month include […]

How Robin Rises Did Away With Grant Morrisons Batman

How Robin Rises Did Away With Grant Morrison's Batman

Mark Bristow writes,With the preview and publishing of Robin Rises: Omega, we're left with some awesome revelations and also many questions. Robin Rises is a direct continuation of Grant Morrison's huge Batman epic. For long-term fans that have followed Morrison's run from the start, or at least before the Flashpoint event, we've had questions about what really[...]

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