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Van Jansen Explains That One-Panel Issue Of Six Million Dollar Man
Written by Van Jensen with art by Ron Salas, the series has many high points but none so talked about by fans and pros alike as Issue #3 which is, in effect, one loooooong panel. Below, Jensen talks about how the unique issue came about Following his descriptions are his thumbnails and some panels from the[...]
A 70's Icon Dealing With Modern Issues – Van Jensen Talks Six Million Dollar Man
Cover art is by series artist Ron Salas. BYRON BREWER: So, Van, are you still exhausted after last issue's unique layout: what amounted to a continuous 22-page spread? Has artist Ron Salas turned in his resignation yet? (laughs) VAN JENSEN: Catching my breath! Ron is still drawing it as we speak (type), and he hasn't sent me[...]
Van Jensen Has Written A Single Panel Spread Over 22 Pages
Cover by Ron Salas. BYRON BREWER: Van, with #3 coming in September it seems this Steve Austin adventure is taking on a little bit of a Hitchcockian tone: not so much psychological horror as the "mistaken man" scenario Were you a fan of those type of mystery/spy mistaken ID flicks? VAN JENSEN: You nailed it[...]
Ron Salas Draws Prince Valiant For Dynamite
The issue is drawn by Ron Salas and colored by Luigi Anderson from a script by Nate Cosby The issue comes with a cover by Jonathan Lau. The entire universe is in peril Trillions of lives at stake There's an omniscient and omnipotent darkness coming It has never lost a battle But don't worry…Prince Valiant has[...]
Ron Salas Draws The Pirate Phantom
Tonight we have Ron Salas' process art for King: Prince Valiant #3 The issue is written by Nate Cosby and the colors are by Luigi Anderson Interesting to note that both Pirate Phantom and young Flash Gordon make an appearance here. Steel thyself! For the adventure-craving Valiant flees from a foe that wants to be his[...]
Ron Salas' Process Art For King: Prince Valiant #2
We've got some of the process art from King: Prince Valiant #2 by Ron Salas and Colored by Luigi Anderson The series is part of the big crossover with the other King Features Syndicate characters: Flash Gordon, Mandrake The Magician, The Phantom and Jungle Jim. For more on King: Prince Valiant #2, click here. [...]
Wilfredo Torres's Flash Gordon Variant Before And After Effects (Updated)
Here we get a look at Wilfredo Torres' variant cover for King: Flash Gordon #2 before colorist Ron Salas adds his color and effects to it I like the old pulp magazine feel the coloring adds to the piece The issue hit comic shops today. Update – this article originally credited Lee Ferguson and Omi Remalante from information given[...]
Ron Salas Covers The Phantom For Dynamite
Now this issue has the Darwyn Cooke cover as do the others and it has a Rob LIefeld cover, but this one also has a very cool looking Ron Salas cover which we have here both colored and uncolored Honestly, of the three I think this is the one I'd grab because it has such[...]