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Where Do Covers Come From? Jai Nitz And Ryan Sook On Dream Thief

Let's take a peek into Jai Nitz' and Ryan Sook's e-mails. Jai Nitz- Hey, I'm trying to get my Dream Thief covers sorted out. I think it'll work best to use you for the cover to #2 and Kevin Nowlan for the cover to #3 due to story elements. As far as the cover art […]

Now The Shadow #1 Gets A Second Print

Second prints are like syphilis these days. You've either got it or you haven't. And The Shadow has most certainly got it. This is the first look at the second print cover by Franco Francavilla for The Shadow #1 by Garth Ennis and Aaron Campbell. There are, of course, still first prints in the shops. […]