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DC Comics Previews
But what you didn't see there are Ryan Sook's designs for the Batman character who will be appearing in the series, known as The Night.  Living in a world created entirely for the, As Sook describes it, "Sleek, hi-tech armour, almost android in appearance, ribbed body suit under is matte texture, body armour is highly[...]
Legion Of Super-Heroes #10 Review: Overcompensates
Ryan Sook, Wade von Grawbadger, and Jordie Bellaire have cast a vision of the future that is striking and elegant, filled with wonder and possibility Likewise, as devised by Brian Michael Bendis, the characters have much of the core of what legacy fans love about the Legionnaires and enough new hooks to bring in new[...]
Mon-El Family History Revealed - Legion Of Super-Heroes #10 Spoilers
But who this Mon-El/Lar Gand/Valor is now, appearing in the current Legion Of Super-Heroes by Brian Bendis and Ryan Sook was a mystery, what his relationship to Superman and Superboy is, and why he seemed to be keeping even his biographical details from Jonathan Kent is, was also a mystery As was his kicking off[...]
How Jack Kirby's
A deliberate reference that shows the influence of Jack Kirby a thousand years on… LEGION OF SUPER HEROES #10 DC COMICS AUG202643 (W) Brian Michael Bendis (A/CA) Ryan Sook A grudge that has endured 1,000 years! The unstoppable behemoth Rogol Zaar has survived the millennium to haunt Jonathan Kent where he least expected it! It's a menace so terrible the[...]
Legion Of Super-Heroes #6 Review -- Here Comes Adventure
When you add to that the enticing cover which promises a new ring wielder in the future that's undoubtedly not a green recruit, a new multi-armed Doctor Fate and the accurately named Monster Boy, you'd expect Legion of Super-Heroes #6 to be all kinds of amazing. The cover of Legion Of Super-Heroes #6 published by DC[...]
Ahead of Hurricane, Image Reveals Ryan Sook's Cover for The Weatherman #5
In a shrewd move sure to take advantage of all the weather-related search traffic this weekend, Image Comics has revealed the variant cover for meteorology-themed comic The Weatherman #5 by artist Ryan Sook Hitting stores on October 10th along with the other covers by Nathan Fox and Marcos Martin, final order cutoff for any of[...]
Man of Steel #3 cover by Ivan Reis, Joe Prado, and Alex Sinclairs
While that could arguably have been done to give the big bad thing room to breathe, the comic is still in and out in under five minutes. Man of Steel #3 art by Ryan Sook and Alex Sinclair Ryan Sook delivers some great artwork to the book His style is relatively simple, and it fits Superman well[...]
Scott Campbell, Ryan Sook, Moritat and Carli Ihde. Writer Marguerite Bennett says, Our story is glorious golden age pulp — high adventure, quick wit, ancient mysteries, and daring dames — clashing with the perils of two worlds: one, the modern world come to conquer, and one, a world of dark supernatural mystery long forgotten, awoken to anger[...]
Inhumans Finally Feel Vibrant And Different: Inhumans Prime Review
Most of that. It's also no surprise that I'm a massive X-Men fan, so with both X-Men and Inhumans Prime issues coming out this week, it is perhaps a bit of a surprise that of the two – I preferred Inhumans Prime. Art by Ryan Sook Written by Al Ewing, the man who is pretty much single-handedly exploring[...]
Al Ewing and Ryan Sook To Bring Us Inhumans Prime Next March
The Al Ewing and Ryan Sook are writing and pencilling (respectively) and (according to Beacham) the one shot: sets the landscape for the Inhumans Universe going forward They've said that the various books aren't necessarily interweaved (so far so normal for Marvel) but I think we should see that as a chance for the various creative teams on the main[...]
DC to Celebrate Jack Kirby's 100th Birthday with Ambitious Post-Apocalyptic Series
Tomasi/Neal Adams Issue #3 by Jimmy Palmiotti/Amanda Conner Issue #4 by James Tynion/Carlos D'Anda Issue #5 by Bill Willingham/Ivan Reis Issue #6 by Steve Orlando/Philip Tan Issue #7 by Marguerite Bennett/Dan Jurgens Issue #8 by Keith Giffen/Steve Rude Issue #9 by Tom King/Kevin Eastman Issue #10 by Greg Pak/Joe Prado Issue #11 by Rob Williams/Walter Simonson Issue #12 by Gail Simone/Ryan Sook And here's a look[...]
Ryan Sook's Interlocking Covers For 4001 A.D.
by artist Ryan Sook (Seven Soldiers: Zatana) The covers will appear one on each of the four-issue miniseries by Matt Kindt, Clayton Crain and David Mack starting with issue one in stores today So choose wisely when your in your local comic shop. Valiant has just released a look at[...]
The 25 Covers Of Betty & Veronica #1
Perez Betty & Veronica #1 CVR T Variant: Andy Price Betty & Veronica #1 CVR U Variant: Ryan Sook Betty & Veronica #1 CVR V Variant: Jenn St Onge Betty & Veronica #1 CVR W Variant: Chip Zdarsky Betty & Veronica #1 CVR X Variant: Chrissie Zullo Betty & Veronica #1 CVR Y Variant: Blank Sketch Archie Comics has released the[...]
A Love Letter From Creators: Preview A Tribute to Charles M. Schulz Out This Week
Garrity, Melanie Gillman, Zac Gorman, Jimmy Gownley, Matt Groening, Dan Hipp, Keith Knight, Mike Kunkel, Roger Langridge, Jeff Lemire, Jonathan Lemon, Patrick McDonnell, Tony Millionaire, Caleb Monroe, Terry Moore, Dustin Nguyen, Molly Ostertag, Lincoln Peirce, Paul Pope, Hilary Price, Liz Prince, Stan Sakai, Chris Schweizer, Ryan Sook, Jeremy Sorese, Raina Telgemeier, Richard Thompson, Tom Tomorrow,[...]
As Close To True Crime As Noir Can Get – Bryce Carlson Talks HIT 1957
It also has an additional 16 pages on the trade in terms of backmatter, showing "cover roughs" by Ryan Sook, including ones that weren't used They show layouts, and stages from pen and ink to color Bryce Carlson explained to me, ahead of our interview, that their intention was to highlight the changes that occurred[...]
Apparently Ghosts Aren't Invisible – Dark Horse Relaunches The Series
The series is written by Kelly Sue DeConnick and Chris Sebela and featuring the art of Ryan Sook. This character isn't a stranger to the world of comics, originally premiering in 1993 To be completely honest from the start, I'm not familiar with the character I feel that fact should be noted This is my first[...]
A Quick Behind The Scenes From Hit!
Tonight Bryan Carlson tweeted a link to the cover sketches Ryan Sook did for the new series Hit from Boom Studios!.   Who wants to see some Ryan Sook cover roughs for #HIT? https://t.co/0DVxmjAkeS — Bryce Carlson (@brycercarlson) August 6, 2013   Here are the sketches:     And one of the covers that came out of it now slated for issue 2. [...]
Where Do Covers Come From? Jai Nitz And Ryan Sook On Dream Thief
Let's take a peek into Jai Nitz' and Ryan Sook's e-mails. Jai Nitz- Hey, I'm trying to get my Dream Thief covers sorted out I think it'll work best to use you for the cover to #2 and Kevin Nowlan for the cover to #3 due to story elements As far as the cover art itself,[...]
Now The Shadow #1 Gets A Second Print
With, apparently, a new Ryan Sook variant cover. Second prints are like syphilis these days You've either got it or you haven't And The Shadow has most certainly got it. This is the first look at the second print cover by Franco Francavilla for The Shadow #1 by Garth Ennis and Aaron Campbell There are, of[...]