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Chatting with San Diego Comic Fest's Chairman Matt Dunford
One of the first of the year is one of my favorites, the San Diego Comic Fest San Diego Comic Fest is being held March 7-10 at the Four Points Sheraton in sunny San Diego California, and always proves to be an intimate, laid back event where fans can meet and mingle with industry professionals[...]
San Diego Comic Fest Coming Presidents Day Weekend!
San Diego Comic Fest, or SDCF, actually share some of its history with another well-known comic convention that occurs in the very same city. Back in 1969, teenage comic dealer Mike Towry helped found what would become known as San Diego Comic Con Serving as chairman in the 1972 con, held at the El Cortez Hotel,[...]
Things To Do On The West Coast In October If You Like Comics
Stop by on Friday, October 17, starting at 5 PM. There is a good reason to return to San Diego in October: the third annual San Diego Comic Fest! Touted as "the friendly, intimate comic con" it will include all the trimmings you have come to expect: artist alley, exhibitors, panels, cosplay, and steampunk, but without[...]