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Interview: A Chat With the Cast of Sirens Of The Realms

Interview: A Chat With the Cast of Sirens Of The Realms

Clear back at Dungeons & Dragons' Stream of Many Eyes last June, we had the fortune of watching Sirens of the Realms lead the charge on Day 2. The show already had a season's worth of episodes under its belt, being lead by D&D's Satine Phoenix as the DM with a bright and unique cast of characters role-playing[...]

Temple Of Art: The SDCC Panel You Didnt Know You Didnt Want To Miss

Temple Of Art: The SDCC Panel You Didn't Know You Didn't Want To Miss

The 45 minutes that was shown included interviews with 21 people – Mark Buckingham, Jon Schepp, Bill Sienkiewicz, Grant Morrison, Jim Mahfood, Jason Shawn Alexander, Denys Cowan, David Mack, Frank Quitely, Dave McKean, Dave Crosland, Neil Gaiman, Matt Kennedy, Kevin Smith, Megan Hutchinson, Bob Schreck, Barron Storey, Jensine Eckwall, Tara McPherson, Satine Phoenix, and Kurt[...]

New Praetorians Brings Tomorrows Soldiers Today To Comics

New Praetorians Brings Tomorrow's Soldiers Today To Comics

Syrus and artist Satine Phoenix crafted an energetic blend of super-powered beings and military action that was a hallmark of those giddy early days of Image Comics, and even better they manage to do it with a deft hand on characterization and storytelling that was missing from so many of those early Image books (no[...]