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"Doctor Who": Third Doctor Jon Pertwee Honored by His Son, Sean [VIDEO]

The Jon Pertwee Files is an hour-long radio program featuring Pertwee’s son Sean Pertwee talking about his father’s career.Jon Pertwee had a long acting career before and after he played the Third Doctor on Doctor Who He starred in popular BBC radio sitcoms like The Navy Lark and various shows on TV and radio before he[...]

Gotham Season 5: On Day 45, The Scarecrow Rises – And He Brought Some Friends (PREVIEW)

Three weeks later, the situation goes from bad to righteously bad as food, supplies, ammo run low – and plans are underway for something to happen. stars McKenzie as James Gordon, Mazouz as Bruce Wayne, Donal Logue as Harvey Bullock, Robin Lord Taylor as Penguin, Camren Bicondova as Selina Kyle, Erin Richards as Barbara Kean, and Sean Pertwee ‘s Alfred Pennyworth. Shane West (Salem, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen) joins the[...]

Gotham Season 5: As The City Falls, The "Legend of The Dark Knight" Rises (TRAILER)

Will order be restored, or will chaos reign in Gotham?Gotham Season 5, Episode 1 – ‘Year Zero’Gotham Season 5, Episode 2 – ‘Trespassers’Gotham Season 5, Episode 3 – ‘Penguin, Our Hero’Gotham Season 5, Episode 4 – ‘Ruin’Gotham Season 5, Episode 5 – ‘Pena Dura’Gotham Season 5, Episode 6 – ‘The Air is Getting Slippery’Gotham Season[...]

Gotham Season 5: As The City Falls, The Villains Rise (TEASER)

Will order be restored, or will chaos reign in Gotham?Gotham Season 5, Episode 1 – ‘Year Zero’Gotham Season 5, Episode 2 – ‘Trespassers’Gotham Season 5, Episode 3 – ‘Penguin, Our Hero’Gotham Season 5, Episode 4 – ‘Ruin’Gotham Season 5, Episode 5 – ‘Pena Dura’Gotham Season 5, Episode 6 – ‘The Air is Getting Slippery’Gotham Season[...]


Gotham Has Jumped the Shark and Swung Back Around for a Selfie

We saw early versions of Oswald Cobblepot (Robin Lord Taylor) and Edward Nygma (Corey Michael Smith), but overall it was more about the mobsters and politicians and there was the Wayne murders as the background story as young Bruce (David Mazouz) tried to return to life with the help of his butler Alfred (Sean Pertwee).Now[...]

Comic Con Wars Break Out In London – MCM London Comic Con Vs Heroes And Villains Fan Fest

The same day will see two shows on opposing sides of London, East Vs West.Heroes And Villians Fan Fest held in Olympia, near Earl's Court and Hammersmith (where I saw the ads) has big name genre TV stars,Emily Bett Rickards, Stephen Amell, Melissa Benoist, John Barrowman, Hayley Atwell, Stanley Tucci, Brandon Routh, Michael Rooker, Sean Gunn, Robbie Amell,[...]

What's Up With The Second Bruce Wayne?

Actors David Mazouz and Sean Pertwee give us a little bit of insight into the second Bruce and just what it might mean for the first and his butler / guardian.Gotham airs Mondays at 8 PM on Fox. At the end of season two of Gotham, we got to meet a doppelganger of Bruce Wayne[...]

The Man Behind The Bat – Talking With Sean Pertwee About Gotham

The one that got me a bit nervous was Sean Pertwee He's one of those actors that makes whatever he's in much better He brings a gravitas and intensity to a modernized version of Alfred Pennyworth in the Fox / Warner Bros series Gotham And he's the son of the Third Doctor, Jon Pertwee This is[...]

The Time Sean Pertwee Was Asked To Appear On Doctor Who

Gotham's Sean Pertwee has another geek bonafide in a addition to playing comics' most famous butler -- with all apologies to Edwin Jarvis -- his father Jon Pertwee was the third Doctor Who from 1970 to 1974 And, as the actor tells the Radio Times, he was offered a role on the show last year."I[...]

What Lies Below For Bruce And Alfred

The characters of Bruce and Alfred (Sean Pertwee) would spend some episodes never leaving the manner Though it did pick up as the season progressed but never to the level of the other two.This season has started off well for the future Batman as he now has access to his father's secret lair, has become closer[...]

Killer Cartoonishness Rules In Gotham Season 2, Episode 2

He's also magnificent when the Maniax raid the GCPD later in the episode.Also offering solid performances and storyline are Sean Pertwee's Alfred and David Mazouz's Bruce I know some people aren't fond of Bruce, but I find his oddness on the show truly interesting It suggests Bruce was always different and would've found a similar[...]

Watching Gotham With Sean Pertwee And Ben McKenzie

DC Entertainment has released a new video with Sean Pertwee / Alfred Pennyworth and Ben McKenzie / James Gordon talking about watching Gotham As an actor you read the scripts but you don't get to see everything filmed.. so you sit down like a fan and watch the show to see the other parts.Gotham returns[...]

A Look Back At Gotham With Sean Pertwee, Donal Logue And Robin Lord Taylor

But before we move forward, Fox has offered us these look backs with Sean Pertwee talking about his role of Alfred Pennyworth, Donal Logue / Harvey Bullock on watching the series progress and Robin Lord Taylor on the storyarc for Oswald Cobblepot / The Penguin.Gotham returns on September 21st to Fox.[youtube][/youtube][youtube][/youtube][youtube][/youtube][...]

Gotham: Aftermath – Barbara Keen And The Cave

Then we have Sean Pertwee and David Mazouz talk about how Bruce Wayne and Alfred Pennyworth follow the clues given by Lucius Fox to discover the hidden cave entrance in Wayne Manor.Gotham returns September 21st to Fox.[youtube][/youtube][youtube][/youtube][...]

Gotham Teases The Bat Cave

In this latest teaser for the second season of Gotham, we see Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz) and Alfred Pennyworth (Sean Pertwee) following the secret passage they'd discovered at the end of season one down to the entrance to what is most likely the cave...Gotham returns September 21st to Fox.[youtube][/youtube][...]

The Gotham We Deserve – Sizing Up The First Ten Episodes

Sean Pertwee’s performance as Alfred Pennyworth is superb, and definitely grew on me throughout You can really see him protect and care for young Master Bruce, but at the same time lacks that motherly touch We’re so used to seeing the kind old British butler in the other Batman properties, that to see the version[...]

The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly: A Mixed Reaction To Gotham's Fall Season

And while comic fans know they will become foes later as Batman and Catwoman, it’s nice to see this interesting fresh take on their origin stories.Another new take on a character is Alfred Pennyworth (Sean Pertwee), who in Gotham is more a kick-ass butler who is training Bruce to become tougher both mentally and physically[...]

First Official Look At Sean Pertwee As Gotham's Alfred

We met Harvey Bullock and Selina Kyle, and now Fox have released the first official image of Gotham's Alfred Pennyworth, played by Sean Pertwee.I'm not sure if we've seen any unofficial paparazzi pics of him yet, but they're probably coming soon if not, if the timing of the previous official photo releases are anything to[...]

Fox's Gotham Casts A Penguin, An Alfred And A Fiancee For Gordon

In this version, Cobblepot is "a low-level psychopath who hides his sadistic lust for power behind an exquisitely polite demeanor."An Alfred Pennyworth has also been cast and will be played by Sean Pertwee An ex-marine, this Alfred is a loyal employee of the Waynes, who becomes young Bruce's fierce protector after the death of his[...]