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The Tr!ckster Pop-Up Shop Puts Down Roots In Berkeley, California
But now the pop-up Tr!ckstercomic book store-and-bar-and-studio-and-lecture-space is going permanent, and moving into Berkeley, California from next month.  A thousand square foot space will contain both a gallery and a shop, with plans to host art shows, signings and live art events, as well as small workshops, all year long. The store will be run by Tr!ckster[...]
Hallowe'en Comic Fest In Stores Across America This October
This separates it from the Free Comic Book Day tradition where all the comics are intended to be free. The website will push the promotion as well as individual comic shop events Stores can also be found with, though both addresses are not yet live. A week[...]
Closing A Comic Shop, Eighteen Months On
Mario Coleman writes for Bleeding Cool; It has almost been a year and a half since Apocalypse Comics, the comic shop that I built from the ground up, closed its doors for the last time, and I miss it like crazy. We had moved into a new premises in the March of 2010 with hopes of bigger[...]
Gnu Comic Shop In Ontario Suddenly Closes
But as of now, it's another tally in the closed shop box…. Gnu Books, a twenty-seven year old comic and used book store of Ajax, Ontario is shutting down Its lease has been terminated for being behind on the rent Comics and books remaining in the store are being cleaned out for a dollar each. The[...]
North England Comic Shop For Sale..
Over that time I've had many varied events in my store; from the annual "Halloween Havoc" fancy dress competition to Geof Banyard's "First Tea Company Enlistment Fair" and guests from the guys behind Bearded Skull Comics to David Hine and Shaky Kane for their cult classic "The Bulletproof Coffin" (I was[...]
Google Street View Enters A Comic Shop
As Google Street View extends itself into areas not reachable by car, and into buildings of businesses who say it's okay, one early adopter of the invasive face-shy cameras is a comic shop Comics, Toons N Toys of Tustin, California in now a permanently explorable area – and also permanently fixed in a time before[...]
A Place In Space In Croydon Still Standing, Opening Again
Here is a message to their customers and, basically, anyone in the area who may fancy a trip to sunny Croydon at the weekend. After the rioting and fires in our area we have now regained access to our premises and will be working hard to get the shop open as soon as possible. The[...]
Saying Goodbye To Gosh Comics
On Saturday, the new Gosh Comics in Berwick Street, Soho, London opens, with a Dave McKean signing. And so the old Gosh Comics, opposite the British
Gosh! Comics Moves To Soho, Alan Moore Says Goodbye
After twenty-five years, one of the most famous comic book shops in the world, Gosh! Comics of London is moving from opposite the British Museum on Great Russell Street, to the other side of Oxford Street and Charing Cross Road, to Berwick Street, in Soho, on August 6th. But before they leave, Gosh! will host a[...]
My Monthly Curse by Phill Hall #15 – A Tale Of Three Jacks
All three of them played valuable parts in the life of my comics shop by doing what a retailer wants his customers to do the most – spending money J1 was actually one of the first paying customers I had I had opened quietly and unobtrusively on Saturday 18th October and[...]
Erik Larsen Helps Comic Relief Employee Open New Store On Old Premises
I think Fantastic Comics will be a great shop — very much in the tradition of what Comic Relief was." With Geoff Johns buying into Earth 2, is this the new done thing? For comic book creator/executives to get a bit of retail action on the side? Either way, there will now be two comic[...]
Comics And More… No More?
Pennsylvania comic shop Comics And More is closing in 9 days time, due to construction at the King Of Prussia shopping mall where they are based, set to last over a year. In a letter to customers, the store has stated that the King Of Prussia mall was unable to fight a suitable alternative location and[...]
Who Wants To Work At Gosh! Comics?
Gosh! Comics of London is one of the best comic book shops in the world. It also has two of the other best comic shops in the world in near proximity, but that's by the by. Anyway, a rare job opportunity has come up there A full-time position in their books department for someone "hard-working and enthusiastic[...]
The Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co.
As The Monster Shop is the latest of the Dave Egger inspired studios  on hig streets in London, what better reason to take at look at the five year old Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co. This amazing looking store, feeling that it fell straight out of Acme Novelty Library, is a front for the nonprofit organization 826NYC,[...]
Black Friday Comic Store Runaround
A few shops in the US running Black Friday deals today Add yours in the comments! Comics Conspiracy – Sunnyvale, California Friendly Neighborhood Comics – Bellingham, Massachusetts Open 9am – 9pm on Blackest Friday and Small Business Saturday! Huge 50% Off Sale!!!! Comics, Hardcovers & Trade Paperbacks! $3 Variants! Special savings on action figures & t-shirts! Purchase $50 in Gift Certificates[...]