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That Was The Bad Idea Comics SDCC Pin-Exclusive Party That Was
We caught art from Lewis LaRosa, Ramon Villalobos, Alberto Ponticelli, David Lapham and more. Also spotted at the party, Matt Kindt of course, but  Josh Dysart, Kevin McGuire, John Layman, Xander Canon, Gonzo, Kyle Higgins, Chip Mosher, Christina Merkler of DCBS and Lunar and the President of the CBLDF, Jenn Haines, President of ComicsPRO, Benny Potter of Comicstorian,[...]
Sixteen Thoughts About Sixteen Comics – Skeleton Key, AvX 3, Earth 2, Amazing Spider-Man, World's Finest, Animal Man, Supurbia, Batwing, Detective Comics, Invincible Iron Man, Exiles, Hulk Smash, Swamp Thing, Daredevil, Epic Kill and The Spider
Just in time for Free Comic Book Day… Before there was Locke And Key, there was Skeleton Key by Andi Watson A key that opened doors into new and different worlds And the Skeleton Key Color Special takes us into a zombiefied world that manages to cope with the undead amongst us And while Boy Chimney[...]
In One Week, In Two Weeks
So what's coming down the pipe next week and the week after? Dark Horse have just the one comic, but it is Andi Watson's Skeleton Key so that's good. DC Comics start with the issue nines and the Second Wave issue ones Image bring us Epic Kill #1 and Mind The Gap #1. Marvel have Avengers Vs X-Men[...]