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SDCC v SLCC Comic-Con Trademark Battles Continues as Both Sides Prep to Go Back to War

Bleeding Cool predicted two future consequences of this outcome: first, that other conventions would be open to lawsuits to SDCC, and second, that SLCC would most likely appeal the verdict.Immediately following the victory, in a Facebook post looking to the future, SLCC co-owner Bryan Brandenburg wrote of the monetary award: We were accused of causing $12,000,000[...]

Salt Lake Comic Con Considering Crowdfunding Legal Fight With San Diego Comic-Con

Bryan Brandenburg, co-founder of Salt Lake Comic Con, says that the convention may turn to Crowdfunding to pay the legal fees stemming from its fight with San Diego Comic-Con over the Comic Con name. Brandenburg made a brief comment about the plans in an Associated Press story, and followed up with more details on Facebook. […]

How Katie Cassidy Reacted To Finding Out About Laurel Lance's Fate

At her panel at the Salt Lake Comic Con this weekend, Katie Cassidy was immediately asked about Laurel Lance's death on Arrow. The actress said she had no idea it was coming and only found out about two weeks beforehand. She also let the audience know that Laurel will be in the season five premiere […]

Astrophysicists Are Just Science Fiction Writers – William Shatner At SLCC

Also in the big auditorium at Salt Lake Comic Con this past weekend was William Shatner. The highlight reel for him ranger from Star Trek, TJ Hooker, Boston Legal and Twilight Zone to appearances on Psych, Third Rock From The Sun and Priceline commercials. The actor starts off by telling a story involving the University […]

In London, They Have No Tumbleweeds – Arthur Darvill At SLCC

Another panel from this weekends Salt Lake City Con featured Doctor Who, Broadchurch and Legends of Tomorrow actor Arthur Darvill. The actor came out and started by saying that the city was suspiciously clean but he loved the place. He is a fan of American landscapes and he went running in Monument Valley only to […]

How John Diggle Might React To Supergirl

Let's be honest… it's Labor Day in the U.S. and there isn't a lot of news to cover, but that doesn't mean there isn't stuff to enjoy. The Salt Lake Comic Con was just this past Thursday – Saturday and they had a good group of guests. One of the attendees filmed some of the panels in […]