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slcc-v-sdcc mormon church
Bleeding Cool predicted two future consequences of this outcome: first, that other conventions would be open to lawsuits to SDCC, and second, that SLCC would most likely appeal the verdict. Immediately following the victory, in a Facebook post looking to the future, SLCC co-owner Bryan Brandenburg wrote of the monetary award: We were accused of causing $12,000,000[...]
How Katie Cassidy Reacted To Finding Out About Laurel Lance's Fate
She also let the audience know that Laurel will be in the season five premiere of Arrow… probably a flashback to what she asked Oliver Queen to promise before she died… and that she is now under contract to all the WB/CW shows meaning the Black Canary could pop up on Legends of Tomorrow or[...]
Astrophysicists Are Just Science Fiction Writers – William Shatner At SLCC
And a story about the guy who tried to sell him a fake Picasso in Salt Lake City. He talks about the reaction to his infamous "Get a life!" sketch on Saturday Night Live and his dealings with astrophysicists and Stephen Hawking. can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Star Trek – William Shatner – Full[...]
In London, They Have No Tumbleweeds – Arthur Darvill At SLCC
he also gets asked the obvious question: "How is it to go from the Time Lord's Companion to being a Time Master?" can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Arthur Darvill – Full Panel/Q&A – SLCC 2016 (   Another panel from this weekends Salt Lake City Con featured Doctor Who, Broadchurch and Legends of Tomorrow[...]
How John Diggle Might React To Supergirl
I haven't seen that before. can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Arrow – Stephen Amell and David Ramsey – Full Panel/Q&A – SLCC 2016 ( Let's be honest… it's Labor Day in the U.S and there isn't a lot of news to cover, but that doesn't mean there isn't stuff to enjoy[...]