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Isa Briones in Star Trek Picard
One of the first major surprises on Picard is when her initial character in Dahj was killed early in the series before it was revealed she had a twin sister in Soji with a mysterious past With the help of Admiral Jean-Luc Picard (Patrick Stewart), Soji unravels a Romulan conspiracy and their interest in artificial[...]
Jonathan Frakes, Patrick Stewart and Marina Sirtis in Star Trek: Picard
This week's episode of Star Trek: Picard provided a much-needed break from the trauma and tension Jean-Luc (Patrick Stewart) and Soji (Isa Briones) are going through After receiving help from Hugh (Jonathan Del Arco) at the conclusion of "The Impossible Box", both transport to the planet of Nepenthe. "Nepenthe" — Episode #107 — Pictured (l-r): Jonathan[...]