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Interior preview page from Steelworks #4
Ah, get ready for another predictable superhero hoedown, folks! "Steelworks #4," hitting the shelves this Tuesday, September 5th, promises another thrilling festival of chaos and contrived danger Charles Walker III and his Silver Mist are lining up to play the baddies in this year's Centennial Day celebrations while John Henry Irons peddles his questionable tech[...]
DC Comics Looks To Give Natasha Irons An Upgrade (Spoilers)
With Michael Dorn writing Steelworks, set in Metropolis, looking at both Steel and his family, while the Justice Society Of America introduced his ancestor, John Henry Jr as a missing Golden Age superhero sidekick Today's Steelworks is taking a new look at Natasha Irons.   Natasha Irons first appeared in Steel #1 in 1994, created by Louise[...]
The Jay Nakamura Of Two Worlds (Superman & Steelworks Spoilers)
But on the regular Old DC Comics Warth, Jay Nakamura is getting on with things. By getting a job as the Press Officer for John Henry Irons' Steelworks company, in the new issue of Steelworks #2 also out tomorrow Just the kind of thing to tell Jon Kane when he inevitably comes home next month That[...]
Interior preview page from Steelworks #2
Lo and behold, Steelworks #2 graces our precious comic book stores this Tuesday, July 4th, eager to leave its 'metallic' mark. In our latest whirlwind of a comic, author's vivid imagination revives the Metropolis civic works and catches the eyes of all and sundry – heroes, villains, you name it! But *drumroll* Charles Walker III's latest[...]
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It was all a bit of a fudge, and people just moved forward. As a result, Lana Lang's history has been a little confused as well, including her relationship with John Henry Irons, better known as Steel, and hasn't been touched on for a little while.  With the new Steelworks #1 published today, new writer Michael[...]
Interior preview page from Steelworks #1
In this week's brand-spanking-new Steelworks #1, releasing on Tuesday, June 6th, Irons has to make the tough decision of whether or not to give up his superhero life to focus on his prosperous company and his relationship with his on-and-off-again lover, Lana Lang I mean, he could probably acquire better armor or invest in couples[...]
DC Comics then announced a new comic book Steelworks for June, as part of their Dawn Of DC, with without creative details "Steelworks starring John Henry Irons Creative team TBA; Just in time for his 30th anniversary, John Henry Irons must bring Metropolis into the future while trusting his niece Natasha to carry the mantle[...]