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'True Detective' Review: "The Hour and The Day" Refuses to Show its Cards [SPOILERS]
The third season of HBO's True Detective started off strong, with unrelentingly excellent performances from Mahershela Ali, Stephen Dorf, and Carmen Ejogo blending seamlessly with Nic Pizzolatto's hard-boiled script With that said, this week's episode "The Hour and the Day" slows things down a bit–but there are some excellent high points to this potential low point[...]
True Detective Sparks a Slow Noir Burn with 'The Big Never' (SPOILER REVIEW)
Through three different time periods, we learn how Hays and partner Roland West (Stephen Dorf) unraveled the case and, eventually, their partnership. We begin to get some hints as to where the initial investigation in 1980 went wrong, though it's hard to tell if the different time settings of the story are Hays' memories, or if[...]