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Not sure what to do, he becomes an enlisted man, putting his skills to use in the army behind Steve Rogers, Captain America. And then he becomes a pastor, partakes in the Civil Rights movement, grows old, becomes Cap's mentor after he gets thawed, and…you're already seeing where this one went off the rails, don't you? Yeah,[...]
Marvel Legacy
Steve Rogers, AKA also Captain America, is brooding in a diner while a news network talks about the events of Secret Empire Norman Osborn attempts a heist of the Sanctum Santorum while Iron Fist discusses his dreams of the Avengers 1,000,000 B.C with the current Sorcerer Supreme, Doctor Strange Skaar puts out a call for[...]
Secret Empire: Omega #1- One Last Pass Through Secret Empire
Secret Empire just happened to turn out to be his self-combusting magnum opus that will be attached to his name for many unfortunate years to come. I loved his Sam Wilson: Captain America until it began tying into Secret Empire, and his Astonishing Ant-Man and Superior Foes of Spider-Man were brilliant series through-and-through. As such, I was[...]
secret empire #10
I'm always up for more Winter Soldier in my comic books, and it's kind of sweet how his softer side is what brought back real Steve Rogers and won Kobik back to his side. We've just touched on some spoilers, but we're going to move deeper in from here. So yeah, that memory of Steve Rogers was[...]
Why Marvel Should Really Publish A #STUCKY Comic After Secret Empire
Instead, the reveal was that he'd been a sleeper agent for decades for the fascist organisation Hydra, which led to the current Secret Empire storyline with the US now under his dictatorial rule. So, the outcome was slightly different than what people were hoping for. The conversations surrounding Steve Rogers' sexuality as portrayed on the page were[...]
Quintessential Captain America Stories To Read This July 4th
In celebration of the American Day of Independence, it's a great time to point people in the direction of some great stories about the greatest champion of the United States, Captain America: The Sentinel of Liberty. It happens to be more relevant these days when the current mainline story about Steve Rogers is…less than satisfying and[...]
Secret Empire To Secret Empire: Interview With A 40-Year Captain America Fan
Over time, it developed, and I got more interested in characters like the Avengers, the X-Men, Hawkman, the Flash, and others. It's worth mentioning that he also introduced me to Bleeding Cool, has been a longtime reader, and helped point me in the direction of the site when I was looking for writing jobs. There was one[...]
Mindless Speculation – What Is The Vanishing Point?
Marvel have teased the final issue of Secret Empire this week, with the tagline of 'What is the Vanishing Point?' and with cover art taken from the Generations art created by Alex Ross. This obviously suggests that there is a closer link to Secret Empire and Generations than previously assumed, but just what is that link?[...]
Just Like Magik, Emma Frost Vanishes from Secret Empire Uprising #1
Magik. So what happened? Why is Emma Frost gone? What did Magik bring to the story that Emma could not? Also, was this an editorial decision or the creators decision? And while the cover changes have been pretty good, making the less observant or those who don't look at solicits and early comic news not realise the[...]
No More Sam Wilson Or Steve Rogers – It's Just Captain America Going Forward
Come a little bit closer baby Get it on, get it on Cause tonight is the night When two become one – The Spice Girls, written with Matt Rowe and Richard Stannard. July 2017 sees the publication of Captain America: Sam Wilson #24 and Captain America: Steve Rogers #19. The books initially split when Sam Wilson took on the role[...]
The Penny Drops – Secret Empire #2 Reviewed (SPOILERS)
In the whole period, writer Nick Spencer and various editors at Marvel have assured that this isn't a clone, this isn't an alternate reality Steve Rogers, this isn't mind control This is the 'true' Steve Rogers, a 'fact' pushed forward with the zero issues revelation that in the Marvel Universe, according to Secret Empire at[...]
In Secret Empire, Context Is Everything
Vision appears to have been hacked, and Scarlet Witch is manipulated (it's not the first time). Furthermore, it could be surmised that the manipulation of Scarlet Witch, one of the Marvel Universe's most powerful magic users, is also partly responsible for Steve Rogers' ability to lift Mjölnir, even though he is now a fascist. In all likelihood,[...]
When Captain America Wielded Mjolnir To Fight Nazis
But now that he does and wants to wholesale enact fascism on USA soil, he can still hold the hammer…maybe Mjolnir can be tricked by Cosmic Cubes too, who knows. But what it did bring to mind is one of the last times Steve Rogers was worthy of holding the hammer of Thor…during Fear Itself, by[...]