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This article contains spoilers from last night's Marvel's Agent CarterSin To Err.

It's harder to do a "six important moments" article for a show like Marvel's Agent Carter than say for The Flash or Gotham because the format is so different. With the other shows they have the story of the week and then they sprinkle in moments that drive the season or series long stories forward. Where Agent Carter is one long movie that is broken into eight parts. But some important things definitely happened.

1) Howard Stark being Howard Stark. As Peggy Carter and Edwin Jarvis try to track down the Russian Spy who most likely lead to Stark being robbed, they are introduced to a long diverse line of angry woman who Stark as had flings with only to move on leaving Jarvis to clean up the mess. This is a good connector between the man who helped Captain America in the war to the guy who left his son a giant puzzle to solve but never really showed him affection.

2) Dr. Ivchenko wants you to focus… the prisoner that Carter and the Howling Commandos rescued is actually part of Leviathan trying to get inside to get something from the Stark Inventions that the SSR has confiscated. So who is Ivchenko? What is he after? A good bet is he's after Steve Rogers blood. As for who he is, well it could be that he's just a new character, but his tactics are very similar to the Captain America villain called Dr. Faustus. Using psychiatry and hypnosis to get what he wants and then having the victim kill themselves to cover the crime… that is right in Faustus' wheelhouse.

3) Dottie Underwood reveals herself to Carter. Last week we saw Dottie in Peggy's room putting on her lipstick which seemed very "Single White Female" at the time. But now we know that she put on the lipstick because she recognized it as the knock-out lipstick from earlier in the series. How she knows this isn't obvious… but she uses it by kissing Peggy and knocking her out. Luckily the SSR arrived to arrest her or who knows what Dottie would have done next. And at least now between Dottie and Ivchenko, Leviathan has a face.

4) Peggy's escape from the restaurant is very interesting in that she got two different reactions from her co-workers. After beating the crap out of the generic agents, she is confronted by Jack Thompson, who having seen her in action in Russia should have known better, but he still underestimated her and she knocked him out easily. On the other hand, the interaction between her and Daniel Sousa suggests that he believes something else is going on and is a likely ally as we move forward… though with only 2 episodes left I'm not sure how much they can expand on that.

5) One of the characters that has grown the most of the first six episodes of the season has been Roger Dooley. He seemed very much like a one-dimensional, stereotypical sexist of the era. But as the episodes have went, he seems to be opening his eyes to what Carter can do and doesn't look at the world as black & white. He seems to be after the truth now, not just a win. And as he sees more of the pieces of the puzzle the more he seems willing to accept the picture that is forming. Him sending Carter off to investigate the female Russian spy angle goes to prove that his character has grown.

6) Back to Steve Rogers blood… with only 2 episodes to go, all of the pieces to the puzzle should be on the table. Leviathan, what happened in Russia, Stark's Experiments, etc. Which leads to the two big questions: what is Leviathan after and what exactly happened in Russia. Since we are running out of time the odds are that Leviathan is after whatever it was that caused all the deaths in Russia. And we've only gotten to see three of the things that were stolen… the bomb stuff from early on, the bone constrictor thing (yes I'm fudging the names) and the thing that Stark lied to Peggy about… Steve Rogers' blood. Which, to my guessing means that the thing that got Stark to punch a general and cut his ties to the government was a botched attempt to recreate the super soldier serum that killed a bunch of people. Its just speculation but they really haven't set up any other item as being so important that everyone wants it.

So we have two episodes left to see just how they are going to wrap it up… and knowing Marvel, whatever it is that everyone is after will probably end up playing an important role in the upcoming movies. Maybe as part of whatever Hydra does to create the Miracles like Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch.

And here is a peek at the penultimate episode:


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