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James Gunn Responds to Jodie Fosters Criticism of Superhero Movies

James Gunn Responds to Jodie Foster's Criticism of Superhero Movies

Oscar-winning actress Jodie Foster has opinions. Rightly so, most of the time, having navigated the tumultuous world of film (both in front of and behind the camera) for as long as she has. No, that isn't a crack about her age, it's an observation that maybe she knows what she's talking about. That said, Foster has been […]

Power Rangers Kicks Marvel And DCs Butt For Diversity

Power Rangers Kicks Marvel And DC's Butt For Diversity

And it's in fact a lot better than some other superhero movies.Secondly, something that hit me about the film which was also completely incredible and amazing was the sheer diversity and inclusiveness in the film, that it manages to achieve effortlessly, and that far outstrips the vast majority of other superhero movies from much bigger[...]