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Tactical-Defense Indie RPG The Last Spell Launches Debut Demo
Indie game developer The Arcade Crew and publisher CCCP have collaborated to launch the demo version of The Last Spell, a tactical-defense role-playing game, to the Steam store It will be available for interested players to try out until the Steam Game Festival concludes on June 22nd. Key art for The Last Spell, an indie tactical-defense RPG[...]
If 'Starship Troopers' Had A Purpose, 'Shock Tactics' Might Be It
A good example would be some enemy troopers have advanced tactical sniping that can nail your guys from across the board If I've got few items to hide behind in time, that means I'm looking at assured deaths between me and my team, regardless of how well I play Sorry if my Captain Kirk is[...]
Educational Or Slightly Boring? We Travel Down 'The Great Whale Road'
You'll end up doing a lot of resource management and get into the occasional battle that handles like a tactical RPG, which you'll have to do in order to keep your family's honor The resource management end makes sense, but can be difficult to follow what exactly your needs are and what the best choices[...]
Getting A Taste Of The Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 Beta
It was a cool tactical game, but it didn't really blow me away considering what else was out at the time The sequel in 2013 fixed some of the glaring issues from the first, but came with it's own set of problems when dealing with the scope and enemies When I learned there was a[...]