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Funko Blows Our Mind with “Altered Carbon” Pop Vinyls
This time Funko is celebrating the second season of Altered Carbon with three special Pop Vinyls! Takeshi Kovacs is the main protagonist of the series and with the idea of transferable consciousness, all three of these figures are technically the same character We will be getting his original body, his new body from season 1 and the[...]
altered carbon
That's why Joel Kinnaman can spend the first season playing Takeshi Kovacs – only for Anthony Mackie (Disney+'s upcoming series The Falcon and the Winter Soldier) to grab the "genetic baton" for the season season (those familiar with Richard K Morgan's novels are also more than familiar with the concept of digitized consciousness transfers to bodies[...]
Will Yun Lee
Will Yun Lee, who played the original Takeshi Kovacs, will return to Altered Carbon for its second season in a recurring role The Netflix science fiction drama based on the Richard K Morgan series focuses on Takeshi, who lived hundreds of years through different bodies Lee's role is under wraps since Anthony Mackie plays the[...]
Altered Carbon and more geeky news
He refuses to believe he would kill himself, but the police say it's a clear suicide. Bancroft uses his influence to bring a form Envoy-turned-criminal, Takeshi Kovacs, to Earth and sleeved in a body to figure out Bancroft's murder Kovacs has been on the stacks — their version of prison but without bodies — for years[...]
Altered Carbon: The Netflix Sci-Fi Adaptation We Needed
Oh, there's also the odd Edgar Allan Poe influence, too. There is FTL space travel, there is hardcore science fiction in the form of downloading human consciousness into a small disc (called stacks) which can be implanted into a new body (called skins), and there is a pretty good whodunnit murder mystery at the core of[...]