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Ant-Man Gets Squished On Tales To Astonish Cover At Heritage Auctions
His third appearance, in Tales To Astonish #36, is one of my personal favorite covers featuring the hero While not Scott Lang, it perfectly encapsulates why I would never want the power to shrink down to ant size for any reason Taking bids at Heritage Auctions today is a CGC 1.8 copy o the book[...]
Tales to Astonish #93 (Marvel, 1967), Hulk vs. Silver Surfer story.
Things were already getting a bit complicated in the Marvel Comics Universe of 1967.  The publisher had an output of nearly 16 comics per month by that year, up from a low point of eight comic books per month in 1958.  The Silver Surfer had been introduced in Fantastic Four #48 the year prior, and[...]
Civil War – The First In Marvel's New Documentary Series, Tales To Astonish
Announced at SXSW, Marvel's Tales To Astonish is a new documentary series that interviews creators, and commentary from industry and cultural types, including Stan Lee, Joss Whedon and Clark Gregg. Though I notice they haven't asked me. Which is a shame, because the first is about Civil War, the 2006 crossover series by Mark Millar and Steve[...]
Marvel Trademarks Tales To Astonish And Tales Of Suspense
Hence the trademarking, I guess. Well two that seem to have popped up in the last month are for two classic Marvel titles, Tales To Astonish and Tales Of Suspense. The first was a sci-fi anthology that famously merged with The Hulk, with issue 107 And the second became Captain America with issue 100. And now, both appear[...]
Whiz Comics #2
At $4,850, the price fell right in line with the average price seen at this condition over the past three years. Moving to Tales to Astonish, Ant-Man's first appearance in costume and as a superhero (his first true appearance, #27, was more science fiction than a traditional superhero tale) comes in #35, which sold last night[...]