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30 Photos of Tenacious D from Los Angeles ComicCon

If you didn't attend this weekend's Los Angeles ComicCon (formerly Stan Lee's Comikaze), you missed the chance to see Tenacious D in an intimate setting.By that we mean band members Jack Black and Kyle Glass taking the main stage during Friday night, introducing an exclusive screening of Post-Apocalypto. The 6-part animated YouTube series features hand-drawn (by Jack[...]

Tenacious D's New Cameo-Crammed Music Video – To Be The Best

There's an awful lot of video before you get to the music in this promo for To Be The Best, Tenacious D's return from what they'd probably call something like Heavy Metal hades or something.That rather short number is set to appear on Rize of the Fenix, the D's comeback album Previously: an even shorter[...]

Tenacious D Reveal First Album In Five Years, Release First Sample

The Tenacious D website has become an animated unveiling of their new album The Rize of the Fenix, its cover and a title track, of sorts It's all looking and sounding.. much as you remember from last time around.Rize is due out in May, and The D, as I understand they like to be known,[...]

New Scarlet Pimpernel Film To Borrow Style Of Guy Ritchie's Sherlock Holmes

Joe Sommers is here to quote Tenacious D and chew gum, and he's fresh out of gum. You would almost think that the movie industry might have learned its lesson on dumping huge scads of cash into remaking properties that no one has visited or revisited since Jack Black penned the lyrics for Beelzeboss from 2006's[...]