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Kidding s01e06 'The Cookie': Jeff's Identity Crisis Has Some Company (REVIEW)
Showtime Welcome to Bleeding Cool's weekly review of the first season of Showtime's Kidding as we take a look at the freshman season's sixth episode 'The Cookie.' The dramedy marks Jim Carrey's (The Truman Show) return to television in a series regular role, teaming with his Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind helmer and series director[...]
Kidding: Jeff Meets The Lipinski Sisters and Their…"Tara-keet"??? (PREVIEW)
Pickles" to work together. In this week's preview for the next episode of Showtime's dramedy Kidding,'The Cookie,' Jeff takes a "hands on" approach to Seb's Pickles on Ice and realizes very quickly that as screwed up as his family might be – there's always one more that's a little screwier Case-in-point? Ladies and gentlemen…The Lipinski Sisters![...]