The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim HD Remaster Confirmed At Bethesda's E3 Conference

As was prophesied by the great leakers of the internet, Skyrim is indeed getting a new remaster. It looks like a pretty significant upgrade too. This isn't a simply FPS bump, but instead looks rather beautiful and very colourful. It really looks great, with a lot of work done here. As expected this new version of […]

Rumour Suggests That Skyrim Is Getting A Remaster

It's been a leaky ship on the S.S. Games Industry in the run up to E3, as pretty concrete evidence has been building up over the last few days. This one is a little less assured, but none the less super exciting. Serial leaker Shinobi spoke on the H.A.M. Radio Podcast saying he expects Bethesda to announce […]

Shirley Curry Is A 79 Year Old Let's Player Who Plays Skyrim

The future of video games is going to be an interesting thing to see play out. As the medium gets older, so will its audience, and I'm certain we will get to the point where it's not rare for retirees to be playing away on video games. Well, it seems that might not even be […]

The Next Elder Scrolls Won't Be For A Very Long Time

Personally, I prefer The Elder Scrolls over Fallout when it comes to Bethesda Softworks output. Maybe it is just my love of the beautiful word over the desolate wastes, but the universe of Skyrim grabbed me much more than Fallout 3's personally. But it seems I and many other fans are out of luck for […]

Skyblivion Is A Gorgeous Mod Bringing Oblivion Into Skyrim

Modders never cease to amaze me. The work that they can do is incredible and I'm always interested to see what they can create and the sheer vastness of some of these projects is incredible. This particular mod is one of those projects. Skyblivion is working to bring the world of The Elder Scrolls IV: […]

Bethesda Head Talks About Failed Paid Mods Experiment

Earlier this year, there was a big storm over on Steam, as Valve and Bethesda decided to let mod creators charge for their work in Skyrim. This didn't go down so well with fans who had experienced free mods up until that point. The outrage was so loud that it didn't take long for the […]

Play Skyrim For Free This Weekend On Steam

If you're one of the three people who don't own Skyrim on Steam, today is your lucky day. From now to Sunday, you can play the title for free on the service. To go on top of that, if you enjoy your experience with Bethesda's classic the game and all of its pretty fantastic DLC are on […]