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Blaseball Is Becoming The Best Time-Wasting Sport On Social Media
The Game Band has been hard at work to bring back a new season of the game to keep things fair, interesting, and as always, confusing as hell to anyone trying to figure out what everything does We literally ended our last season a while ago up good betting on the Seattle Garages (who never[...]
Blaseball Returns From A Long Hiatus On Monday
The Game Band will finally, after a several-week hiatus, be bringing back their online version of future baseball as Blaseball makes its return The last time we saw the game being played months ago, they basically had a calamity-wide league-ending event in which several teams looked like they were done for (Spoiler, they weren't.) Now[...]
Blaseball Will Be Getting A "Discipline" Vinyl Soundtrack
Officially being called The Blaseball: Discipline, this album is a collaboration with The Game Band (the developers of the online satirical league) and an actual band being called "the garages"  who recorded a bunch of music centered around the Discipline Era All of the tracks have some kind of inside reference to the game and[...]
Blaseball Is Becoming The Best Time-Wasting Sport On Social Media
It has been a long hiatus for those of us playing Blaseball, but finally, The Game Band is bringing it back on March 1st For a while, the game was going really strong, which was a weird but time-consuming relief for many who were stuck working at home during the pandemic But then they hit[...]