Blaseball Returns From A Long Hiatus Starting Today

The Game Band will finally, after a several-week hiatus, be bringing back their online version of future baseball as Blaseball makes its return. The last time we saw the game being played months ago, they basically had a calamity-wide league-ending event in which several teams looked like they were done for. (Spoiler, they weren't.) Now everyone's favorite teams are coming back for a new season starting at 8am PT today! However, not everyone is going to be happy with the return, as you'll see if you log in with your account, everything has been reset to Day 1. Meaning that aside from your idols and picking your favorite team, all of your perks, peanuts, voting tickets, and more are all gone. Everyone will start from scratch today with no one having an advantage to just game the system for credits. (Well, at least to start.) You can read more details about the season below.

Blaseball Returns From A Long Hiatus On Monday
Credit: The Game Band

Blaseball: Short Circuits focuses on reimagining Blaseball from the ground up, and will help The Game Band in making Blaseball's full Era a welcoming experience for everyone. No previous experience with Blaseball (or baseball!) required – new users welcome! The first Short Circuit kicks off at 8am PT/11am ET on November 1. Participate in the Cultural Event on the website and follow the Commissioner on Twitter for announcements and updates. We will see if he still does a great job.

  • For New Fans: If you couldn't follow the chaos of the Expansion Era, don't worry. Short Circuits will be a fresh start and a great place to jump in. Bring your friends!
  • For The Future: Fans will help The Game Band commit to the next Era's main features, and better understand how YOU play Blaseball in order to shape future iterations. The Game Band will be sending surveys after each experience to hear your thoughts.
  • Fresh: Help the commissioner test an entirely new simplified betting and election system!
  • Genuinely Short: Each Short Circuit is 2 weeks long, the first being 2 Seasons (one per week!)

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