The Games Awards

Square Enix Posts Update About New Tomb Raider Game

Maybe you're wondering why there wasn't any Tomb Raider game goodness during tonight's The Games Awards trailer palooza.  Maybe you weren't wondering, but in case you were, there's a reason for Lara Croft's absence.Earlier today, the official Tomb Raider (for the games, not the new film) twitter account posted an image stating what's up:"A new[...]

Zelda BotW DLC Expansion The Champions Ballad Live NOW

Tonight during The Games Awards, a trailer was released for a brand new DLC expansion for Zelda Breath of the Wild on Nintendo Switch.In The Champion's Ballad, Link gets a FREAKING motorcycle and there may or may not be infinity stones.  Ok ok, they're not, but they kinda are? The DLC will allow you to learn[...]

Resident Evil Remaster Footage Shows Iconic Scene And Will Release In January

By Patrick Dane Look, the Resident Evil franchise is in a precarious position at the moment. At least that's the case for the most recent 'numbered' entries. Five was a decent action game, but unrecognisable as a Resident Evil entry. Six was, simply put, a mess. For some, it might be hard to remember why […]