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The Horde: James McAvoy Explains his 'Split', 'Glass' Characters
We mean "hopefully" only due to possible spoilers that James McAvoy may reveal about his characters that make up The Horde. While speaking with Entertainment Weekly, McAvoy took some time to explain each of the main personalities we meet in Glass, with some details that go into the portrayal of each one. Again, if you haven't seen Split or Glass, this[...]
Avengers #6 cover by Ed McGuinness, Mark Morales, and David Curiel
Captain America, Captain Marvel, and Black Panther are battling the Horde on the ground, and Doctor Strange is shutting down Loki It looks like the Avengers may be able to save the world after all However, they soon learn that even all of this isn't enough The Final Host and the Horde reassert their strength,[...]