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The Waylanders Reveals 20922 Roadmap For Content
Gato Salvaje Studio revealed this week more details of their planned content for The Waylanders coming in 2022 with a new roadmap The just of the roadmap is that they'll be adding a ton of fixes including quest adjustments, party selections, final bosses, a ton of bug fixes, and a game performance review You can[...]
The Waylanders Tease New Characters Ahead Of Release
Before Gato Salvaje Studio releases their upcoming game The Waylanders next month, the team decided to tease some new characters The team showed off two more characters, the first of them being the druid Amergin, who turns out to be one of the first companions on your journey and you will run into in the[...]
The Waylanders Gets A New Update With Character Origins
Gato Salvaje Studio announced today that they will be pushing back the release of The Waylanders all the way to February 2022 The game was literally supposed to be released a week from today on November 16th, and while we hadn't heard anything about a delay, it seemed like they were on track to release[...]
The Waylanders Release Has Been Pushed Into Fall 2021
Some development news for The Waylanders this week as the game has officially been pushed back until the Fall of 2021 Gato Salvaje Studio released a new update to the Early Access version of the Celtic RPG, bringing with it full controller support, difficulty options, and improvements to combat and UI Not to mention a[...]
The Waylanders Gets A New Update With Character Origins
The latest Early Access update for The Waylanders expands on all of the game's characters as they now have origin stories In the second of three winter updates to come to the game, Gato Studio has added new origin story videos for each character option Now you get a far more in-0depth introduction to whomever[...]
Auto Draft
Gato Studio revealed their brand new cinematic trailer for their upcoming fantasy RPG title, The Waylanders, at Gamescom 2019 Along with the trailer you see below, the company is also announcing that legendary scriptwriter Chris Avellone and musician Inon Zur will be joining Emily Grace Buck on this project That's some impressive talent going into[...]