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Ahead of Hurricane, Image Reveals Ryan Sook's Cover for The Weatherman #5
In a shrewd move sure to take advantage of all the weather-related search traffic this weekend, Image Comics has revealed the variant cover for meteorology-themed comic The Weatherman #5 by artist Ryan Sook Hitting stores on October 10th along with the other covers by Nathan Fox and Marcos Martin, final order cutoff for any of[...]
Image Unveils Weatherman #4 Variant by Bengal
Image Comics has revealed a new variant cover by artist Bengal for meteorology-themed comic book The Weatherman, by Jody LeHeup, Nathan Fox, and Dave Stewart Final order cutoff for the comic, and any of its three covers, is Monday, August 20th, so let your retailer know which one you want a copy of The Weatherman[...]
Image Slips James Harren Weatherman #3 Variant Under the Comic-Con Radar
In the interest of maintaining a sense of normalcy during this hectic week, Image Comics has sent out a press release revealing a "limited" variant cover for The Weatherman #3 by James Harren with colors by Nathan Fox. What? Not every Comic-Con story can be Grant Morrison writing Green Lantern or The Clone Wars returning! Cut[...]
Behold: Nathan Fox's Limited Edition Wraparound Variant for The Weatherman #2
Are you a fan of comic book covers, but feel like, honestly, they should probably be about twice as large? Well, you sure are in luck today, as Image Comics has revealed Nathan Fox's limited edition wraparound variant for The Weatherman #2 The Weatherman is the meteorology-themed, sold-out sensation from Jody LeHeup, Nathan Fox, and[...]
The Weatherman Gets a Matteo Scalera Limited Variant and a Synthwave Soundtrack
At least, we're pretty sure that's the case, though it's possible that image's PR intern mixed up the press release with their grocery list. You can listen to the first song on the soundtrack here. The Weatherman #1 hits stores on June 13th, and a new song will be released at that time. WEATHERMAN #1 CVR A FOX[...]